How to Love Your Depressed Friend Well

Discovering how to care for those with depression has been personally difficult, but extremely rewarding. The best thing you can do is be really candid with the people you love who are hurting, and give them a comfortable space to try and tell you what they might need from you.

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What I Mean When I Say, ‘I Have Anxiety’

Learning how to overcome anxiety is the most difficult task anyone has ever asked me to complete. But these thoughts, the ones that are not truly mine, feel like poison to my soul. But on those days when I can mark a check in the win category, I feel like I can take on the world. I want every day to feel that way, and I won’t stop until every day does.

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The Silent Drug—How One Couple Overcame a Husband’s Addiction After a Decade of Pain

Alcoholism knows no boundaries. It doesn’t show favorites. It doesn’t care if you live in a 1 bedroom apartment or a half-a-million dollar home at the end of a cul-de-sac. It doesn’t care if you are working for minimum wage only to spend your entire paycheck on vodka or making six figures with a stocked wet bar in the basement. It will grab anyone within its reach with one specific purpose.

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