“Dear Mom & Dad, Please Don’t Kill Me” — 21-Yr-Old Reveals “I’m Fine” Tattoo With Dual Meaning

Upon initial glance, it says, “I’m fine,” but upside down it reads a much more desperate plea for help rooted in the depths of painful depression.

Bekah Miles has lived her whole life with a dark secret, one that she didn’t think she could ever expose. It was painful, isolating, all-consuming and shameful.

She was living with depression.

When you’re all smiles and energy, it’s a pretty difficult concept for people on “the outside” to understand. Bekah was scared that she was too far gone for even God to save her. But one day, Bekah got sick of living in secrecy. She was ready to be known and to be vulnerable.

After prefacing her Facebook post with “Dear mom and dad, please don’t kill me,” she shared the most brutally honest words she’d ever expressed publicly, along with a tattoo holding a shocking dual message.

Upon initial glance, it says, “I’m fine,” but upside down it reads, “Save me.


“Today I am coming out with something that only a few of you know,” she bravely wrote. “I am ready to have a conversation about my mental illness.”

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Bekah explains that just last year she was diagnosed with depression after she mentally got to the state of “hardly functioning.”

What was intended to be a display of bravery to her friends and family turned into a viral sensation that spoke to millions around the world.

Now Bekah hopes to use the pain in her past to paint a brighter future for others. And it all started with two words and a little ink. Watch how she’s now changing the world for the better with what was once her darkest, most painful secret.

Kelsey Straeter
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