These Two Homeless Brothers Found God Through this “Guardian Angel”

A chance meeting brought this woman into these homeless brothers’ lives, and she won’t leave.

Zach and Ken Hutchinson have been homeless for over a year.  They have been cursed at, people have thrown things at them, and every night they just wonder where they will sleep.

By the grace of God, a woman by the name of Christy Hill came into their lives, and nothing has ever been the same.

She has become like a second mother to them.  She washes their clothes, packs food for them, and lets them shower in her home.  She doesn’t care about the stigma of homelessness.  She shows them unconditional love regardless.  And she prays for them every day.

She says, “They have become my children. I worry about them every day. I worry about these two boys because I can’t imagine walking long periods of time just to stay warm.”

She has become what they call their “guardian angel.”  She weeps for them and worries about them all day long.

While she can take care of their basic needs, she cannot offer them jobs, which is what they truly need and are now more motivated to find thanks to Christy’s help.

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Courtney Crosland

Courtney is the editor of To Save a Life and a mama to three.  She loves to hike and be outdoors, loves to bake, drinks too much coffee, and wouldn’t be able to function without music.  She writes about life, family, food, self care, and mental illness over at Home of the Croslands.

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