Why Awesome People Are Single–And It’s Worth Celebrating!

“There is a severe lack of celebration for the single people.”

I don’t get jealous of marriages or babies. Engagements don’t make me bitter, because weddings are one of my most favorite things in the whole world. I’m totally down to hang out with my friends and their spouses; that stuff doesn’t make me lonely.

Here’s the thing.There is a severe lack of celebration for the single people.

I was looking at my Facebook newsfeed, where people post how they announced their pregnancy five years ago, or their first dates two years ago or it’s their anniversary or they got engaged or blah blah.

You know what I’d like?

I’d like for someone to buy me a greeting card that says “congratulations, you have watched hundreds of movies without a hand to hold,” and then slip me a $10 bill. or how about a party that says “you’ve made a bunch of important life decisions without a single consistent person to talk to and you’re awesome.” or what about “I’m so proud that you haven’t looked at your ex-boyfriend’s Facebook in two weeks, have a few Starbucks beverages on me.”


Every time someone gets engaged, I’m so happy… and then I buy their bridal shower gift and their wedding gift and think “you know, if I continue on this course of life, I’ll spend thousands of dollars celebrating people, and my greatest celebration will be post-mortem celebration of life.”

Let me tell you about the things I’d like for people to send me cards about:

  • I went on dates with two different guys who never communicated with me after the dates, and I still decided to be hopeful.
  • Once a guy at Starbucks gave me his contact info and said we should hang out and when I contacted him he said he was too busy, but I decided that there were probably still some okay human beings in the world.
  • The guy who kind of turned my world upside down last year got engaged, and I haven’t said a single mean thing about it. Also – I haven’t cried about it. That one deserves a freaking medal.
  • I still don’t pseudo-date my guy friends, even when I’m having a really rough day and I want to fish for compliments so that I can hear a male tell me that I’m an okay human being.
  •  It took awhile, but I finally threw away a few emotional momentos from past relationships.
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Dear Single Ladies...

REAL TALK, though: for all of the reassuring my friends that their kids are cute and hilarious, and the weddings I attend date-less, and the money I drop on showers of all kinds… sometimes I’d just like a moment to be celebrated for the fact that I spend a lot of time and money celebrating the big moments in other people’s lives while my monumental decisions – deciding to hide my ex-boyfriends’ friends from my newsfeed, or throwing away sentimental things, or experiencing high levels of rejection with grace – are rarely even talked about, but certainly not celebrated.

I don’t want encouraging “hang in there,” sentiments or reassurances of God’s plan, which is often what words like these result in.

I want a greeting card.

with a gift card.

or with a pair of fuzzy socks, or maybe a cute printable, or oooh a succulent.

A little tiny celebration
of the fact that with each year my life goes on painfully unchanged, it’s been made up of a whole bunch of really big life decisions that go completely unnoticed.

It’s just been one of those days.

Stephanie Orefice
I love coffee and glitter, but not together. i write blogs because i think life matters too much to just let it happen without noticing.

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