8 Confessions from Couples Who Saved Sex for Marriage

“I waited until marriage so did my husband. Wasn’t a religious choice. And yes, it was totally worth it.”

Following Jesus isn’t always the popular choice, especially when it comes to sex. I can only imagine the w.t.h. look I had on my face when my sister said she wasn’t going to kiss her husband until their wedding day. Being a teenage boy I laughed at the concept. Here we are ten years later and she did wait until marriage and he’s the coolest guy ever…jokes on me.

I started to realize a lot of the people telling me that sex wasn’t a big deal and why wait until marriage were people who weren’t married. On Whisper, an app where you can share secrets anonymously so people are brutally honest, married couples get real about what it was like waiting until the big day. Here’s the surprising responses:









Sexual mic drop. I often find myself justifying sins so I can feel less guilty to chase instant gratification but I can’t even justify against facts. Love how the last one even says they didn’t do it for “religious” reasons. It’s like wants what’s best for you, He doesn’t make rules to control you, He creates boundaries to protect. 😉

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Kelsey Borresen
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