Top 10 Signs that You Might Be Having An Emotional Affair

“Are you unsure what an emotional affair is or wonder what one looks like? “

Has the thought crossed your mind that you might be having an emotional affair?

Are you unsure what an emotional affair is or wonder what one looks like? The following list is an excerpt from my eBook Entangled.  It’s not an exhaustive list of ways to recognize if you’re in an emotional affair. Entangled details many more.  See if any of these resonate:

1. You think about him/her all the time.

2. Your daydreams are consumed with him/her.

3. Songs make you think of him/her.  You might even share lyrics with the person.

4. You write poems or stories reflecting feelings or fantasies.

5. You think of him when you dress, fix your hair, or get ready.

6. You confess dreams or feelings for each other.

7. When you’re not together, you remain connected. Your spouse is unaware.

8. You desire to see that person and be where you know he/she will be.

9. You refer to each other as girlfriend/boyfriend or office wife/husband.

10. You wish you’d never met your spouse or you fantasize their death.

Perhaps not all of these resonate, but some of them do. I’ve found that it starts with our thoughts and progresses over time into actions. If any of these spark something in you, I want to highly encourage you to read Entangled. In the same way God, by his grace, uncovered my emotional affair through my husband’s questions, perhaps God is using these words even now to convict and uncover your emotional affair. After mine was exposed, I found much grace, much faithfulness, much love and much redemption in Jesus Christ. My marriage has been restored and we are living testimony to the transformation power of the Gospel. You may be entangled now, but you can be free.
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Amy Bennett
Amy is a working mom of three in the Southern suburbs. She’s been married to her high-school-sweetheart-turned-Highway-Patrolman for over 15 years.
By day, she writes code for a large bank, and by night, she writes posts about faith, marriage, parenting, design, fitness, and food at her blog Amy is also the author of Entangled: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing Your Emotional Affair and Restoring Your Marriage.

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