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Why More Isn’t Always Better

“No amount of “more” is actually worth more than spending time enjoying the beauty of life.”

My wife recently brought something to my attention that I’ve known for many years, but I’ve always had a hard time admitting. I could tell she was hesitant when sharing this hard truth with me, but she loves me enough to bring things to my attention when needed. It was harsh reality that I am never content with where I’m at in life, but instead, I continue to strive for more and more in the attempt to make more of myselfI’ve always given myself very high expectations when it comes to just about everything I do, and I guess I’ve convinced myself that if I stop trying to accomplish more than I already have, then somehow that means I’ve given up on life.

Sometimes trying to accomplish more is in reality fueled by selfishness and pride. And while I’ve never thought of my pursuit of accomplishments and/or hustle to be a selfish thing, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t born out of personal insecurity and doubt. One of my biggest struggles in life is thinking much of myself, and I guess I’ve convinced myself that If I can just accomplish a little bit more, then I’ll eventually be content with who I am and what I’ve done in life. The only problem with this way of thinking is, accomplishing more never fills the void, and the race of trying to do more, work more, write more and be more continues.

I wonder how many people in this world are so enthralled with trying to achieve more in life that they forget about the beautiful gifts that God has already given them; family, friends, home and love. It’s easy to get caught up in the game of more, and I believe we currently live in a society that is addicted to the constant pursuit that comes along with it. It’s an entrepreneurial high that we can’t seem to let go of.

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I don’t want to grow old, only to realize I’ve accomplished a lot of “more” but left behind the people and things in life that really mattered. There is nothing wrong with loving to work or striving for more than you currently have, but at some point, we all have to take a step back and realize that “more” doesn’t define us, nor does it provide the true sense of worth and identity that God has in store for each of us.

We must all continue to work hard, hustle hard and be diligent with the opportunities God has opened up for us, but we also have to realize that no amount of “more” is actually worth more than spending time enjoying the beauty of life.

Jarrid Wilson
Jarrid Wilson is a husband, dad, pastor, best-selling author and inspirational blogger. His articles have been viewed by millions, showcased on some of today’s hottest talk shows, and featured on national news stations worldwide. He is a dynamic speaker whose outside-the-box perspectives have gained him national recognition from some of today’s most influential Christian leaders and pastors.

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