What Does the Bible REALLY Say About Being Single?

“Being single sucks, yeah, but being in a bad relationship is much worse.”

Being single is a struggle. Constantly. In a world where love is the most desired thing to obtain, it literally becomes a pursuit to cloud all pursuits. It can make us do dumb things, or make wrong decisions. It can cause us to put on “blinders” to reality, and then when they are torn off, the damage is way more catastrophic than we ever realized.

People have forgotten how to be content with being single until the time is right, and then they jump into relationships all the time. Finding solace and love in God is far more rewarding than finding it in the wrong places for only a short amount of time. If God’s grace is sufficient enough for us, then so is His love. When you allow God to really take hold of your life, the love you have for him, and he for you, is so much greater than any sort of worldly love.

Don’t get me wrong, relationships between two people can be absolutely wonderful, and things can go great, but it will be on God’s time, and he will lead you to the right person (if that is what is meant for you). So when you go looking for love, remember to be content with the love of God, for He is good, and his love is so much more than enough. And if the time comes, look to His word to outline and filter what love should be for you. The kind of person God wants you to be with will not only challenge you daily, they will bring out the best in you, and will match up with these traits:

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When you think of love, and pursuing someone, take all these things into account.


Learn to love yourself, and to love and serve others as simply you, without the need of a significant other, and then pursue love, and just make sure when you do you do not judge based on the looks, natures and behaviors of this world; but on their spirit, ability to love others and the beauty of their ministry.

Being single sucks, yeah, but being in a bad relationship is much worse.

The dictionary definition of single is: “being one in number, or lone/solitary.” If you are content in God and his love, then you should know that you’re never really single. Cherish God and his love for you—he is enough—and when the time is right, your heart is right and the person meant for you is ready, make sure you filter that person as I mentioned above. That person will only add to your ministry, not take away from it, they will help you through stress, and not add to it, they will never demand more of you than you can give, and they will know that apart from one another, you should rely on God and always serve him first.

Shawna Sha'Nae Rains
"I'm 21 years old, & I'm just taking life one day at a time. I'm hopelessly in love with God, I absolutely love hugs, and I go to the best university in Texas. I'm a youth minister with a passion for writing, drawing, and people. I am very blessed!!"

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