This Clerk With Down Syndrome Gets Called the R-Word, but Some Beautiful People Take a Stand

When these people hear what a customer is saying about a grocery store employee, they are quick to take a stand and serve up a big ‘ole pot of justice.

When Peter, a grocery store clerk with Down syndrome, is unable to bag this impatient customer’s items quickly, he becomes the victim of some terrible words and derogatory remarks.

In true “What Would You Do” fashion, Peter is an actor. He does have Down syndrome, and he’s no stranger to being called names or verbally abused by people who feel inconvenienced by him. The impatient customer is also an actor, but his words cut deep.

The scenario seems almost too horrible to actually be true. But unfortunately, Peter knows it all too well.

As real customers throughout the store watch the impatient customer say one hurtful thing after another to Peter, many jump to his defense. It’s easy to see their blood boiling as they watch the situation unfold, and most of them step up and lay the smackdown on the impatient customer.

In the end, the hidden cameras are revealed and Peter is showered in hugs by each of the customers who decided to take a stand instead of being quiet.

Bullying and abuse is never okay. Peter reminds viewers that he is a role model for the Down syndrome community, and encourages his peers to get a job, and study hard.

This clip is one that you have to see to believe, but at the end of the day it’s an awesome reminder that John Quinones shouldn’t have to be hiding around the corner in order for all of us to simply love one another and be kind.

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