Why Shame Is Not Your Story

If you and I believe that we aren’t good enough for God we will never move forward into what he has for us.

I was reading Claire her favorite book this morning (the hungry caterpillar) and the last page says the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly.

I closed the book and whispered to Claire, really without thinking, that this is what God has done for us. I stared at the butterfly and realized we all get made new, our slate is cleaned, our debt is paid, we’re new.

The shame that covered our yesterdays is gone. I can write passionately about this because I know what it feels to have shame hurled at you. I know what freedom granted by my Savior feels like, but I have also heard the lie so loud it hurts.

“But you have such a past, remember what you used to do.”

So what do we do when we feel such guilt, such shame, such pain that relates to our past? How do we move forward into today and tomorrow actually believing we have been made new?

Here’s the thing about shame, its crippling. It makes us feel like we aren’t worth God’s love and forgiveness.  If you and I believe that we aren’t good enough for God we will never move forward into what he has for us. We will stay in our pity party of past sin and work really hard to forgive ourselves with no avail.

I can say this with both confidence and freedom, we will never be good enough for God. He makes us good, new, and clean. Not us.  Shame doesn’t just tell me I have a past it tells me its up to me to make up for that. Shames says that past sin makes me unfit for God’s kingdom but Jesus says it is finished and my redemption makes me a perfect fit.

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Shame is not your story.

Guilt isn’t your story and working really hard to make yourself look better won’t do anything but exhaust you. The only one that can clear our rebellion and wipe our slate clean is the one who was clean. We all have a past. We all were messed up and some of us you could tell by looking at their life (me) but some hid it better. Either way we had a heart condition that needed fixing. Jesus came, we either accept that he saves us or we don’t, and we move forward.

So what do we do? When the voice of our past is screaming into our ears as we commit to move forward? We believe the one who wiped us clean and said there is no condemnation (romans 8).

I talked to a sweet girl last night who is moving into a new life and I sent her this verse reminding her that she will be reminded of who she used to be but she has a choice to go back. You get a choice to trust Gods truth and you get to choose to be who says you are not who you were yesterday.

“Oh what Joy for those who rebellion has been FORGIVEN whose sin is put OUT OF SIGHT! Yes what JOY for those whose record the Lord has cleared of sin, whose lives are lived in complete honesty.”

Psalm 32:1-2

Tindell Baldwin
Tindell has a unique ability to connect with teenagers and engage them with a transparent and challenging message. She is definitely helping this generation redefine and reshape their faith. She is also the author of the book, Popular.

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