Teen Comes Up With a Brilliant Way to Tackle Depression & Prevent Self-Harm

“No matter how bad everything may be, it’s not worth physically hurting yourself.”

Eighteen-year-old Amelia Hall has suffered from depression for several years now. For many in her shoes, battling such an unpredictable and under-discussed condition leads to self-harm—something Amelia is no stranger to.


But on a particularly bad day recently, rather than turning to self-harm—as she had in the past—Amelia did something both brilliant and inspiring. The archaeology student at the University of Manchester traded in her razors for a paintbrush, and created a masterpiece.

“Today has been the worst day in a long time, but I recreated a beautiful painting on my skin instead of self harming,” Amelia wrote on twitter.


The painting she chose was “Café Terrace at Night” by Vincent van Gogh, one of her favorite artists. It took her more than three hours to complete, and pushing through to the end was far from easy.


“I remember sitting there halfway through wanting to wash it all off and just go back to bed,” she said. “But I’m so glad I kept working on it because I have something wonderful to show from a particularly bad day, instead of just self-harm marks.”

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The Internet went crazy over her strength and vulnerability.


Amelia wants others in her shoes to know, “No matter how bad everything may be, it’s not worth physically hurting yourself.”

Bri Lamm
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