Chris Stapleton Won The CMA for Music Video Of The Year–And It’s For All The Right Reasons

This Grammy award winner, and reigning CMA Male Vocalist of the Year, is using his platform to talk about an important issue that affects all of us.

If his long hair, full beard and cowboy hat don’t get your attention, Chris Stapleton’s soulfully raspy vocals and powerful lyrics will. The reigning 2015 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year has become an instant country superstar with hits like “Nobody to Blame,” “Traveller” and “Parachute” off of his debut album, Traveller.

Despite his rising fame, Stapleton had yet to release a music video—that is until February of this year. His debut music video for the song “Fire Away” promotes an important cause, and carries a message that has the power to change lives.

The song’s lyrics take listeners through a toxic relationship, but the music video does almost the opposite. Stapleton’s emotional video follows a couple through various seasons of life, including dating, marriage and buying their first home together.  

We later learn that everything is not as it seems. The wife struggles with severe depression, and even tries to kill herself.

The message behind this video is so important that Stapleton only appears briefly as a bartender. His vocals and the lyrics playing over the events that unfold are powerful in their solidarity. The “Fire Away” music video is an effort to bring awareness to the pain of depression and suicide, and gives viewers an opportunity to respond at the end of the video with a link to The organization pledges “to change the culture in America about mental health, mental illness and wellness.”

We love that Chris Stapleton has finally released a music video, and used it as an opportunity to start a conversation about depression and suicide. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, suicide or another form of mental illness, please call 1-800-273-8255. 

Editor’s note: “Fire Away” won Chris Stapleton the 2016 CMA for Music Video of the Year on November 3, 2016.

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