Make Love Not Scars—Meet The Acid Attack Survivor Who Is Walking the Runway at New York Fashion Week

Reshma Qureshi was attacked in 2014. Concentrated sulphuric acid left her face badly burned. With the help of this awesome non-profit, she’s walking the runway and embracing her beauty.

Nineteen-year-old Reshma Qureshi is one of many young women who are victims of an acid attack, something that isn’t talked about enough in our culture, but is rapidly becoming a common and heinous crime.


Researchers believe that at least one girl every single day is a victim of acid throwing.

Acid attacks, also known as acid throwing, is a form of violent assault where an attacker will throw acid or a similar type of corrosive substance onto someone else’s body with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture or kill.

Reshma lives in Mumbai, and she was allegedly attacked by her brother-in-law. Along with his friends and relatives, he poured concentrated sulphuric acid on her, causing severe burns to her face. She lost her left eye, and her right eye is partially closed and infected.

“Make Love Not Scars” is an Indian non-profit committed to providing acid attack victims with opportunities to regain their life through recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration. In addition to the services they provide to survivors, the organization is calling for a ban of all acid sales.


The Movement

The MLNS movement is designed to make survivors feel alive again. To give them an identity and help them find peace and confidence in the women that they are.

Founder and CEO of MLNS, Ria Sharma explains, “When I first Met Reshma, she was extremely devastated. She would just stare at walls, she wouldn’t talk to anyone. The day she saw herself on a billboard, like a celebrity, she stopped covering her face, she stopped walking around in public being scared, and she actually embraced herself.”

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This month, Reshma will walk the runway at New York Fashion Week to raise awareness about acid throwing and the lives of victims, but also to encourage people to support the campaign #BanAcidSales.

“Easy availability of acid at every corner shop is what makes this crime so common now,” Ria explains. “It is sold under the disguise of household detergent.”

Reshma hopes that her involvement in New York Fashion Week will make a powerful point about beauty and acceptance. It will also give the organization a greater platform to raise support and awareness.

Ria is adamant that “it’s high time we start picking our models and heroes based on true grit and courage and strength.”

This acid attack survivor is walking the runway at New York Fashion Week to raise awareness and promote inclusion in the fashion industry. (via NowThis)

Posted by Upworthy on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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