5 Things I Would Rather Be Than “Hot”

We are children of an absolutely incredible and marvelous God. Of all the things He created me to be, I can guarantee that “hot” wasn’t one of them.

The word “hot” has two definitions. One is to have a high degree of heat, or temperature. The other is used to describe a sensation, like the one you feel on your tongue after eating peppers, or something spicy. Both are pretty generic terms, and most of us use them regularly if not on a daily basis.

“Hot” is a generic word with generic meanings. It can be used to describe a wide variety of things that are not unique, not genuine and not flattering. So why in the world do we use this word to describe human beings?

I am not hot. I’m actually quite cold usually, so I often wear a sweater. We throw around this term and use it to set standards for each other, when really it’s the most ridiculous word we could use to describe a person. We are children of an absolutely incredible and marvelous God. Of all the things He created me to be, I can guarantee that “hot” wasn’t one of them.

“Hot” is a silly way to describe someone’s body. We are so much more than skin deep. So while your skin might be hot from the summer heat, here are five things I would rather be than “hot.”

1. A Daughter

When people see me, I want them to see a daughter of the King. I want there to be something so different in me that when others look, they don’t see “hot,” they see Him. Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” My body has nothing to do with the way that others see Jesus. So instead of being hot, I want to be a daughter. A daughter who loves deeply, serves intentionally and leads wisely.

2. Intelligent

Having a hot body is nothing compared to having a flourishing mind. Your appearance is something of this earth. We see it, we live in it, but it leaves us over time. Years from now, my body is not going to look the way it does now. But my intelligence will look even better than it does now. “Hot-ness” isn’t something you can grow from or add to. Intelligence is. It never stops growing as long as you never stop feeding it.

3. Confident

Not “powerful woman taking on the world” confident. But, “fearfully and wonderfully made” confident. God created each one of us perfectly in His image. I want to have a confidence that makes other women want what I have—Jesus. On my own, it’s impossible to be confident in who I am. And being confident in my body still doesn’t make me “hot.” But in Christ, I can have the same kind of confidence that God made me with—the kind that’s fearful and wonderful.

4. Joyful

I want people to see my joy, the kind that could only be from the heart of the Lord. There is so much negativity in this world. To be anything less than joyful is to lose sight of who we are. God does so many incredible things in us and through us. The best way we can be a light to those we meet and glorify Him is to spread the joy that He’s filled us with.

5. Generous

I want to give to people like God has given to me. I can’t do that with a “hot” body, but instead with a generous heart. God has blessed me time and time again. I want to be someone who takes every opportunity to bless others, and to selflessly love people the way that Jesus does.

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I can think of a million things I would rather be than “hot.” Beautiful, kind, compassionate, caring, happy, sweet, loving, determined, witty, faithful, endearing, funny, captivating and genuine, to name a few. “Hot” can describe nearly anything, but it shouldn’t describe our appearance.

It’s up to the world to stop forcing us to be “hot.” It’s up to us to give them a reason to, by living out the things that we would rather be.

Bri Lamm
Bri is an outgoing introvert with a heart that beats for adventure. She lives to serve the Lord, experience the world, and eat macaroni and cheese in between capturing life’s greatest moments on one of her favorite cameras.

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