She Just Asked a Dog to Be Her Maid of Honor for the Best Reason

“Bella is trained to notice when Valarie is nervous or in distress, and distracts her to calm her down.”

Valerie has been known to battle anxiety which any one who’s ever been married knows, that can be a huge problem when it comes time for the wedding day. Luckily Valeria has a made of honor, who just happens to be a canine, who knows exactly what to do when she starts to get overly stressed.

Bella, Valerie’s service dog, was photographed taking care of Valerie before her wedding. Photographer Maddie Peschong caught several precious moments throughout the day, take a look below!


Bella is trained to distract Valerie when she gets stressed or anxious!


Bella can notice when Valerie is having a panic attack, battling anxiety, and even sense migraines.

Bella even walked the couple up to the altar!

Image credits: Mad Photo and Design / Valerie Rose Parrott 

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