Colton Haynes Looks “Hollywood Perfect”—But There’s a Dark Secret Behind That Gorgeous Smile

“It’s been a constant struggle for me since 5th grade…It’s a battle.”

Colton Haynes wants anyone struggling with anxiety to know something: You aren’t alone.

Known for his roles in Teen Wolf and Arrow, Haynes may look like he’s got the perfect superstar life down. He’s good-looking, successful and smart. So he’s pretty much got it made, right?

Not so fast.

Haynes recently opened up about how his anxiety has affected his health as well as personal and professional relationships. “It’s been a constant struggle for me since 5th grade,” he wrote. “It’s a battle.”

In a series of Tweets, he exposed the harsh reality behind the serious mental condition that is often treated flippantly by society.

“Anxiety had put me in the hospital a countless amount of times. Whether it be fainting, hyperventilating, or seizures…I’ve been through it,” he wrote.

He’s admitted to quitting jobs, flaking on events and ditching friends over his intense bouts of anxiety.

Ultimately, however, Hayne’s message is one of hope, not despair.

“We can overcome this. We can fight thru it & will,” he tweeted.

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His ultimate end note is to “Love those suffering.”

Those suffering from anxiety aren’t being “dramatic” or looking for attention. If you’ve ever had it, you know it’s kind of like an invisible cancer in your brain—but because people don’t see it, they often act like it’s not there.

Just remember, anxiety is ultimately fear, but God promises that perfect love casts out. So let’s just keep doing that. “Love those suffering.”

Thanks for the wise words, Colton.

Read his full Tweets here: 




Kelsey Straeter
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