Anxiety: It’s Like Bees in Your Ear and All the Voices at Once, Like Fire and Drowning and Burning …

If you struggle with anxiety and depression, it can feel overwhelming and lonely, but you are not alone.

Meghan Rienks is known for her lifestyle channel on YouTube, but she also struggles with anxiety and depression on a daily basis.


In this raw and visceral spoken word, Meghan unpacks what it really feels like to have anxiety.

On her YouTube channel, she writes, “I wrote this piece a few months ago when I tried to explain to somebody how it feels inside my head. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ADHD over a year ago, and every day is a different story. In hopes to wrap my head around the feelings inside my brain—I thought I’d open it up for you all. You are not alone.”

Here at To Save a Life, we know the struggle is real and wrestling with anxiety and depression can feel overwhelming and lonely, but Meghan is right, you are not alone.

(*Caution: There’s an F-bomb at 2:10)

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