5 Reasons Christians Should Burst Their Safety Bubble in Times of Terror

In the world today, it’s so easy to allow fear to run our life. These simple tips help us to remember we were made to be strong and courageous.

The news lately has done just what terrorists want it to do: strike terror.

Today I read a message from a friend who said:

“My day started out with a blogger mentioning how she may shut down her blog and delete all her social media. Then a few hours later, I encountered this with another blogger. Then this afternoon my mom called me and informed me that she didn’t unfollow me on social media – she just closed her accounts because she’s scared of ISIS hunting her down because she’s Christian.”

In one day, my friend had three people tell her they were shutting down their blogs and means of communication out of fear.

I wonder how many of us are shutting doors, closing hearts, barring entrances and silencing our voices because we are afraid?

If I may ask, what is it that causes dread in your heart?

Take a minute and think about it because this is a very important question to think through… and vital to understand about ourselves.

I know life can be scary. Fear can be debilitating and unfortunately, is something we are facing today in unprecedented ways.

I find it helpful to remember a few things when facing fear and terror. I’m sharing these solid truths here because I believe times of terror are when the people of God should SHINE… not shudder.

5 Reasons Why Christians Should SHINE… not Shudder… in the Face of Terror:

1. A spirit of fear is not from God. {II Timothy 1:7}

When we start to feel fear and terror, we need to remember this is not from God! God gives us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Those are quite the opposite of fear, don’t you think? So when fear begins to affect your decision making ability, STOP. Deal with that ungodly spirit first… then you’ll be in a position to make a healthy, godly decision.

2. ISIS (or cancer, a predator, or fill in the blank) is not your real enemy. {Ephesians 6:12}

The enemy behind the mask is Satan. And the thing he wants from you the most is your faith and confidence in God. If he can shake your faith, he can steal your influence. He can render you inoperative and ineffective in the battle. Warrior, don’t let him have your faith!

3. The only way to fight this battle is with spiritual weapons. {II Corinthians 10:3-6}

Listen, the greatest weapons we have are not guns and tanks and armies. Neither is it by shutting ourselves off and creating a false sense of security. We have already been given the strongest weapons available and they are spiritual. These weapons are strong enough to DEMOLISH strongholds. We fight with the sword of Truth and on our knees. If you do nothing else, pray! Pray God’s Word. Pray Truth. Pray God’s promises. Beseech His character. Get off Facebook, sure… but not because you are afraid. Let it be because you’re doing warfare in your prayer closet!

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4. We must never be threatened into silence or cowardliness by the enemy because he lies! {John 8:44}

He lies about his strength and his conquests. He lies about what he can do and how far he can go. He lies about everything. The truth is, all authority has been given to One– Christ Jesus. Not to isis, evil, cancer, or anything else.

No, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know why horrible things happen. But I do know this: When God allows something to happen, it is a calculated move on His part, for a specific reason and for an intended purpose and although I can’t understand those reasons and purposes, I can trust His ability to run the universe. If the earth is His footstool and all things are under His feet, it sounds to me like He’s got things under control. Fear not!

5. Now is not the time to retreat. It’s the time to advance. {Matthew 16:18}

Remember, the gates of hell cannot stop the Kingdom of God. Even though hell itself unleashes it’s venom, hate and cruelty, Jesus has overcome it all. We aren’t fighting FOR victory, we are fighting FROM it. Just as Christ’s followers were sent into a world of hatred and persecution, so are we. This is not new territory for God’s people! It was into this very environment that Christ sent His disciples…and told them to “go” and take the gospel of hope and power to the ends of the earth.

Friends, light shines the brightest in the dark. It is for this reason we are sent. Christ says, “GO! And know I’m with you always, even to the furthest place you go and until the very last day the earth exists.”

So Christian, stop running. Stop fearing. Stop pursuing life in a safe little bubble. Stop letting fear drive your decisions.

Take your torch and lift it high. Storm the beach. Plant your seed. Go into all the world. And know the Almighty- the One with all authority, the One with His feet up- has your back.

Arabah Joy

Missionary Incognito and Online Mentor, I disciple others through a mix of story, transparent example, and practical instruction centered around God's word. I'm married to Jackson and am the bio and adoptive mom to four littles. Our family currently lives on the 26th floor of a hi-rise in Asia.

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