This Body Image Campaign Went So Wrong, But Don’t Worry, Everyday People Fixed It

It’s not uncommon for people to be offended by certain advertisements. What makes this case different is how the people responded, and boy were they creative!

Protein World recently released a marketing campaign asking people if they were beach body ready. A common question with fitness companies. Apparently, our world is tired of people trying to convince us what beautiful looks like and now people are fighting back in a very creative way. Below is the original campaign, see for yourself:


The photoshopped girl and demeaning slogan has sparked a series of new and improved ad campaigns created by citizens with markers and no fear of vandalism. These edits are meant to remind women that they’re already beach ready!


This wasn’t just for the ladies either, there were also photoshopped men with 6 packs that were quickly vandalized to at least have normal heads. Oh and the updated slogan of course.


It didn’t stop there, parents got involved by dressing their babies up in yellow bikinis and including the hashtag, “Every Body Ready”.


Even dad’s took on the skimpy bathing suit to help make a point. Why do I feel like this is my dad…or maybe his best friend…or possibly just his hero.

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beach1This one has to be my favorite though. “If my body is on a beach, then it is ready. Thank you very much”.


The protein company still isn’t backing down. They’ve used their twitter to fight back telling the offended, “Don’t blame us for your insecurities”!



Help fight these crazy body image campaigns–pass it on!

Lairs Johnston
Lairs is the chief of sinners, saved by grace, with a life that just goes to show you God can use anyone.

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