These Brothers Have Inspired Thousands With a Letter They Wrote When They Were 10—You HAVE to See Them Now

Nick and Alex Miller have each faced more than their fair share of challenges in life, but beautifully summed up what life is all about in a letter they wrote when they were 10.

Nick and Alex Miller are healthy and happy 17-year-old twins. But it hasn’t always been that way.

They were born 15 weeks premature—when most babies are only halfway through the pregnancy process. The boys weighed only one pound and were already faced with a lifetime of struggles.

Nick was born blind, while Alex developed a blood clot at 10 days old, and doctors had to amputate his leg.

They underwent a twin-to-twin blood transfusion that almost took Nick’s life. 

Today, they’re healthy and thriving. They love to joke with people and try to convince them that Alex’s leg was amputated because of a shark attack.

When they were 10 years old, the boys wrote a letter to Burt and John Jacobs—brothers and founders of the Life is Good Clothing Company.

“The letter we got from Alex and Nick is, without a doubt, one of the most inspiring letters we’ve ever received,” said Burt Jacobs. His brother John added, “It is so packed with wisdom for something coming from 10-year-old boys, and yet it’s a reminder to anybody, at any age, to appreciate what you have.”

Nick and Alex’s Letter Reads:

Dear Burt and John,

My name is Alex. I have a brother Nicky, and we are 10. We both have extra challenges in the world, but at the end of the day, we still have each other.

When I was born, I had to have my leg amputated. Nicky doesn’t see so well since he is legally blind. We were both born early and weighed only one pound so we had a lot of growing to do. I wanted to give you our picture with our best ‘Life is Good’ smile.

Me and Nicky have all your shirts with the things we like doing best, but if you ask us what we do best

and what makes us happy and laugh most,  it’s just being together, doing nothing.

You must have a lot, but what my mom says is, we’re lucky and life is good because we will always have each other.

I know that Nick has more challenges than I do, but he says and does things that make me laugh, and forget about feeling bad. I don’t know how to describe it, other than that I love him.

You’re lucky to have a brother too. I  hope you do fun things with him too.

Your friends,

Alex and Nick

Burt and John have since shared Nick and Alex’s letter with tens of thousands of people.

Nick says, “How we were raised, and the lessons we were taught, it just drilled into us, ‘be positive’ about everything that life throws at you.”

They’re an inspiration to us all, and a great reminder that Life is Good.

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