After Accepting a Friend Request, These 3 Teens Became an Online Predator’s Dream

We’ve all seen them. The random friend requests from people we don’t recognize. These teens found out a harsh reality after accepting that friend request.

I’ll be honest, this video stirred up a handful of feelings for me. On one hand, my heart sank when the dads started yelling at their daughters. But at the same time, I genuinely feel like this video could save A LOT of lives. We all hear about stranger danger, but situations like this make it really real. The scariest part for me were the thoughts that crept into my head when I imagined what would have happened to these girls (or to anybody) had this been an actual predator.

It’s become such a “regular” way of life–meeting people online. Whether it’s Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Twitter, or even Craigslist, our world is completely connected through technology. The more popular it becomes to meet people online, the more comfortable kids become with meeting total strangers. This is the danger of that.

So share this. Show your kids, your friends, your family and your neighbors. We can use the power of technology for GOOD, and ultimately save a lot of lives.

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Bri Lamm
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