Sean Lowe—“The Virgin Bachelor”—Talks Sex, Marriage and His Daily Pursuit of God

Labeled by the media as “the virgin bachelor,” Sean Lowe shares his journey on “The Bachelor,” and why he doesn’t regret saving himself for marriage.

For most women, The Bachelor & Bachelorette on ABC is a love-hate thing. I know for me, I think the show can be absolutely ridiculous. It conflicts with so many Christian values that I embrace in my own dating life, and realistically, WHO dates 25 people at once and ACTUALLY finds a spouse?

BUT, every Monday when 7 o’clock rolls around, guess who’s plopped in front of the television with sisters and girlfriends? You guessed it, this girl. 

I find it kind of encouraging too, though, because as whacky as the show is when it comes to morals and values, season after season, we see contestants who openly discuss their own Christianity.

One of my favorites was Sean Lowe, labeled by the media as the “virgin bachelor.” Lowe made his first appearance on ABC’s The Bachelorette in 2012. He and 24 other men were seeking to make Emily Maynard their bride. When she left him heartbroken at the final rose ceremony before the proposal, Sean came back—in true ABC fashion—as the next season’s bachelor.

With his heart still in pieces, and his faith being tested by dating 25 women at once, Sean relied on his relationship with God to lead him to his wife. Today, it seems like He did just that!

At the end of his run as the bachelor, Sean proposed to Catherine Giudici, and the couple married later that year. Completing the 17th season, Sean was the first bachelor in the show’s history to marry the woman he proposed to.

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It didn’t take long for the tabloids and media to begin questioning the couple’s sex life—as if it’s anybody’s business anyway. After revealing that he and Guidici were waiting until marriage, people could not get enough of the “virgin bachelor,” if for no other reason than to call him that.

Sean explains in his interview with I Am Second that he is in fact a “born again” virgin. But even that phrase in our society today seems like the craziest thing some people have ever heard of. Lowe says it like this: “We made this decision because we want to live in God’s blessing. And not having sex? That’s just an act of obedience.”

The good news is, Lowe didn’t remain the “virgin bachelor” for long. He and Giudici tied the knot on January 26, 2014, in a ceremony ordained by Sean’s father. 

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Of course ABC did not forget the fact that Sean and Catherine would be sleeping together for the first time the night of their wedding. The station held a primetime event for the occasion, and you can bet that producers capitalized—yet again—on the couple’s celibacy. The two-hour coverage was full of sexual innuendos, and it turned out to be nothing short of awkward and uncomfortable.

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But, thanks to the show, and their obedience to God, the couple has traveled and shared their story with thousands of people. Sean says, “Whether or not the tabloids and the entertainment shows and everybody wanted to hear our story, people were still understanding it, and people were still getting the message, and they were seeing God’s truth through us—it became this amazing platform.”

As a married couple, they embrace sex for what it is—a gift from God.

In the video, Sean encourages young people, “I’m talking about sex here—you will not regret that decision to wait until marriage. It’s such a special and intimate thing that God has created.” He continues, “I know you’ve probably heard this in church a million times and you may even read in the Bible, but it’s such a special intimate thing that God made for you and that one person you’re going to go through life with. You’re doing yourself a huge disservice if you’re having sex with other people.”

Catherine added that Sean presented the commitment to her before they got engaged. Together they stuck to it and held each other accountable. She also said, “It’s the best decision we could have ever made.”

The Lowes just recently added a new addition to their family—Samuel Thomas Lowe on July 2, 2016. This is the couple’s first child together.

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We love the message that Sean and Catherine are sending to fans and followers everywhere.

Never mind the fact that they’re really just a couple of goofballs that everyone wants to be friends with.

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