In Just 8 Hours, Over 500 People Have Co-Funded This Hotel Designed to Fight Human Trafficking in Your Sleep

The Purpose Hotel: Change the World in Your Sleep

What if there was a hotel where everything inside was connected to a cause or a need? Imagine a global hotel chain where every time you book a room, you’re helping a child receive an education, you’re helping to end human trafficking, and you’re supporting people in need.
World renowned celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart is setting out to create just that. For the past decade, he’s traveled the world for his photography, all while being a major part of multiple global organizations.

Now he’s taking on a whole new project that has nothing to do with his photography background, and everything to do with improving the lives of others. His plan is to empower those in need by providing them with a steady income and good education, all while putting an end to human trafficking.


The new project is called The Purpose Hotel. Cowart’s vision behind the project is to create an “innovative global hotel chain that is the first of its kind because everything has a purpose. Your life inside the building improves the world around it.

Cowart explains that every guest who checks into the hotel will automatically sponsor a child’s education with each room that they stay in. Every door will have a name, a photo, and a story. “Every aspect of your stay will help others to reclaim their dignity, and earn a living,” he continues.

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Blankets will be sewn by survivors of human trafficking. Artwork will be made by humanitarian artists and photographers, showcasing various projects around the world. Furniture building will create jobs for the homeless and needy. Internet usage will come free, but those who want to upgrade to a faster connection will be helping donate to anti-human trafficking causes.

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Soaps and shampoos will be handmade by women survivors of addiction, violence, and extreme poverty, and each hotel lobby will be home to a Charity Water well. Even the coffee they serve will be ethically sourced, and television will be socially inspiring content and films.
The Purpose Hotel is bringing together some of the most meaningful ideas on earth to make this hotel “life-giving” to the people who need it most. At the end of your stay, you’ll receive a receipt that shows not only where your money went, but your impact on the world.


Cowart launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the project, and get people all over the world on-board with “building a hotel unlike the world has ever seen.” In just eight hours, the campaign as accrued 552 “backers” and more than $82,000 in pledged support.

With your help, the world’s first ever Purpose Hotel could soon find its home in Nashville, Tennessee. Check out the video and click here for more information on how you can become an official co-founder.

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