8 Teens Explain Why They Text & Drive–When This Woman Walks In, They Have No Words

8 teens are asked, “What are your reasons for using a phone while driving?” Their responses and everything about this video will truly save someone’s life.

“If I get a text, I look at my phone.”

“Instagram. Twitter. Facebook.”



“The passenger has a pretty important role driving now.”

“Texting is my main form of communication.” 

“If someone you like texts you, you can’t just like let it sit there without just knowing.”  

“Because what if something exciting is happening or something happened?”

These were just a few of the responses given when this group of teens was asked the question:

“What are your reasons for using a phone while driving?” 

It’s just a quick peek. We have it all under control. I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but it’s too hard to stop. What’s the harm, right?

That seemed to be the general consensus of opinion—that is, before Jaycee walked in the room. As she sat face-to-face with each of them, she told them her story in a video sponsored by It Can Wait:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.11.45 AM

When I was 21 years old driving home from my college graduation ceremony, a driver on his phone was so distracted he turned left into the intersection at a red light. Another car, an 18-wheeler, swerved to miss him and hit my family’s car. And the resulting collision actually killed both of my parents.

I spent two months in the hospital fighting for my own life and then two more months in a rehab hospital learning how to walk again, learning how to speak again, learning how to dress myself and how to feed myself.

I live with a partially paralyzed body. I didn’t have my daddy to walk me down the aisle when I got married.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.06.03 AM

The teens were in shock over her story. They wept openly as they saw the brutal reality of the effects of distracted driving.

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When asked if they could look at Jaycee and give her those same reasons, the chatter about texting and Snapchat was replaced with silence and tears.

“I’m not gonna look at my phone ever again,” one cried.

When it comes down to it, There are no good reasons. 

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