Mom Creates Sightseeing Bucket List for 6-Year-Old Daughter Before She Goes Blind

She’s only 6 years old, and she’s losing her eyesight rapidly. This little girl’s mama is creating unforgettable memories for her daughter with a sightseeing bucket list.

Cailee Herrell is heartwarming, magical and just the most loving little girl. The 6-year-old from Arizona is losing her vision to a rare disorder called familial exudative vitreoretinopathy or FEVR.



As a way to ensure her daughter will have memories that will last a lifetime, Cailee’s mom, Catrina Frost is taking her daughter on a sightseeing tour filled with bucket list items.

Frost gushed as she talked about her beautiful daughter, “Nothing keeps her down. She doesn’t even recognize that she has a visual impairment.”

FEVR is a rare hereditary disorder that affects the retina and can cause blindness. Harrell was diagnosed with a handful of vision problems at age 2, and has already had five laser surgeries to delay some of her vision loss. “It’s the most she can have,” Frost explained. The mother of four added that right now, her daughter’s vision is comparable to that of looking through a snow globe that’s been shaken up.


There is no treatment for FEVR, so Frost has begun to take her daughter on a series of trips to create unforgettable moments for Harrell. “We were heading out to California on our way to see this doctor studying the disease and we drove past the Imperial Sand Dunes,” Frost recalled.

That was where she came up with the idea to create a bucket list of adventures for Harrell to enjoy while she can still somewhat see. “I saw this little girl run up and down…these dunes. She was making sand angels and just having a blast. It kind of gave me the idea: I have to start gathering all of these experience for her.”


Since setting out on their endeavors, the duo has been to Disneyland and Sea World in California. In the future, Frost hopes to cover everything from cooking classes to New York Fashion Week.

She added, “I also would really love to take her to ‘The Nutcracker’ in December and to visit the California Redwood National and State Parks.”


Learn more about their travels by following their journey here.

Bri Lamm
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