Kid Breaks Down During Class—Then His Teacher Says “It’s Okay to Cry”

“Act like a man” and “man up” are terms that are regularly used in our society to encourage boys not to cry. Jason Wilson has a different idea.

Boys don’t cry.

It’s a common phrase about everyone from boys to men, and we’ve all heard it way too many times.

The truth is that boys do cry, and it’s okay. At least, that’s what instructor Jason Wilson believes.

Wilson is the founder of the Cave of Adullam. It’s a faith-based group in Detroit, that teaches young men the practices of Musar Ru, which combines meditation with martial arts with the goal of helping boys learn to control their emotions in a positive way.

Recently, one of the group’s intense training session left 9-year-old Bruce in tears as he struggled to break a piece of wood with his hand.

The organization decided to share a video of the session—and no, it wasn’t an attempt to make fun of Bruce. Their hope is that the video, which has been viewed more than a million times in the past week, will serve “to encourage all of you to not only allow your sons to cry when facing emotional stress, but more importantly, patiently walk them through it,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s beautiful handling of teary-eyed Bruce is warming hearts everywhere.

Coaching him through his emotions, Wilson asks Bruce, “You know in life there’s going to be things harder to do than other things?” He reminds him that challenges are sometimes “going to take tears.”

Wilson says “it’s true freedom” when boys and men are able to better understand their thoughts and emotions, then, in turn, express them in a healthy way.

“Act like a man” typically implies avoiding your emotions, or hiding them for the sake of acting mature.

Many of the people who have viewed and shared the organization’s video are inspired by the lessons that Wilson is teaching these boys. It’s refreshing to see Wilson break the societal norms, and instead encourage Bruce to “act like a man” by having the courage to shed a tear.

After a few deep breaths, Bruce was able to digest what Wilson taught him, before showing that piece of wood who’s boss!

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