Kelly Clarkson Loses It Singing About the Dad Who Ran Away on American Idol

I cried watching this…you can feel her broken heart as she sings and brings the whole house to tears…

This powerful song by Kelly Clarkson is overflowing with raw emotion. I probably watched it 20 times and it drove me to tears with every single view.

It also made me think of you guys—my To Save A Life friends. There’s no doubt in my mind that many of you have experienced hurt and pain like this. Maybe you’ve had a parent or loved one run out on you and it tore your heart out and changed your life? Maybe you’ve been the victim of neglect or even abuse? My mom left me and I still can’t figure out why but there’s one thing that keeps me going:

I’m not alone.

For anyone who’s been abandoned, for anyone who feels love has a price tag, for anyone who’s been called worthless…Jesus thought you were worth dying for.

And I firmly believe that God, Our Heavenly Father, can put your heart back together piece-by-piece. Just give him a chance.

Love you guys.

Peace out,


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