“It” Girl

We all know her, some of us are even lucky enough to be friends with her, but “it” girl has a lesson to teach all of us.

You know those girls that have it all together? They have the cutest clothes, the prettiest hair, the perfect relationship, the best job, the coolest group of friends…all of it.

Head to toe perfection.

You’re probably already picturing someone you know.

We’ll call her it girl.

I know this girl.

Well…OK…I didn’t know this girl.

I followed her on social media and saw her from afar…but I just KNEW she was perfect.

The girl that has it all.

The it girl.

The girl we all want to be and have high hopes of someday measuring up to.

As I said, I didn’t actually know this girl. I just knew that she was the cream of the crop, coolest girl that we all secretly (now not so secretly) desire to be like.

Welllllll then it girl started going to my church.


“Oh my gosh. Not only is she literally flawless…but she loves Jesus?!”


We started making small talk from time to time.

Yep, me and it girl.

You could almost call us friends.

And then we started talking more often.

You could actually, maybe call us friends.

And then…we made plans.


Me and it girl.



We had breakfast and coffee and more small talk than ever before.

I know I sound crazy…but the whole time I was sitting there, I couldn’t help but think…

“Wow…I don’t even know how she had time to hang out with me.”

We chatted about school and clothes and Instagram and all the other hip, surface level kind of things that new friends discuss.

And then the conversation took a turn.

It got a little deeper.

She talked about her past, her struggles, her shortcomings.

My heart broke right there at that breakfast table.

I was just shocked.

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God Wants Your Brokenness

It girl was so far from perfect.

I couldn’t believe she actually had flaws.

She hated her hair that day and questioned her outfit choice.

She struggles with temptation and all the other things that regular people like me and you go through.

I had put this girl on a pedestal for so long and I couldn’t believe that she was actually…well…real.

I kept listening to her and I realized something.

I realized that she was broken, too.

Just like me.

Just like you.

Just like all of us, really.

So often we put other people on a pedestal and our only goal is to eventually measure up to them.


(How many times have you commented that on someone else’s Instagram picture?)

When in reality there is only one person that we should be putting on a pedestal.

And that is Jesus Christ.

And our goal should be to keep moving closer and closer to Him.

THAT is #goals.

If you know an it girl, I challenge you to go talk to her today.

Get to know her…I mean really know her.

Chances are, you’ll have way more in common than you think.

Hey, ya never know, she might even become your best friend.

And if you are the it girl, then listen up…

God loves you endlessly.

He doesn’t love you for your hair or clothes or boyfriend or body or the number of likes on your latest Instagram post.

He loves you for YOU.

And whatever you’re going through…just know, one by one, He will put together every little broken piece of your heart.

And love you all the more.

He has given you the freedom to be YOU.

Beautiful, wonderful you.

He has chosen you and called you by name.

Soak it in.

You’re it, girl.

My name is Mary Alan. I’m 22 going on 92. I’m an old soul and a free spirit. Chasing after God’s heart, sunshine, and every dog I see. I'm the mind behind flawedyetcalled.wordpress.com

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