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Powerful Statement About Harrison Ford’s Daughter with Epilepsy Is Going Viral

The Star Wars celeb Harrison Ford’s daughter battles epilepsy, and what it’s meant to him.

Harrison Ford’s daughter is lucky to have her dad on lots of levels. Apparently, Ford did find the holy grail because it seems like his looks and his acting get better with age, well now he’s showing off his parenting skills.

Harrison Ford recently attended an event with his daughter in New York for Langone Medical Center’s Find a Cure for Epilepsy and Seziures to help raise awareness. That’s when Ford revealed that his daughter, Georgia Ford, has epilepsy.

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“She is joining me to thank FACES (Find A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures),” he told the Daily News of his 25-year-old daughter.

“I admire a lot of things about her. I admire her talent, her strength. She’s my hero. I love her.”

Mr. Indiana Jones opened up about the pain that comes with raising a child battling such a devastating disease, “When you have a loved one who suffers from this disease, it can be devastating.”

Not only were the seizures a battle but the road to diagnosing the problem showed its own issues.

“A few years later she had another big one, this one on a beach in Malibu, where a Hollywood director found her, luckily,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘This is Los Angeles, we have some of the best doctors in the world, they must know what’s wrong with her.’ But nothing was diagnosed as epilepsy.”

Finally, the Fords went to the NYU medical center where Georgia was appropriately diagnosed and now she hasn’t had a seizure in eight years.

“You know how it affects their lives, their future, their opportunities and you want desperately to find mitigation,” Ford said. “You want to find a way that they can live a comfortable and effective life.”

Fame doesn’t stop this horrible disease but how awesome is it that the Star Wars celeb is using his fame to bring awareness and support in the pursuit for a cure! And Harrison Ford’s daughter has a great dad battling for her.

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