Father’s Warning to Daughter’s Boyfriend Leads to Hilarious Homecoming Photo

This dad doesn’t just make idle threats to his daughter’s boyfriend; he follows through to the hilarious end!

Recently, a Wisconsin photographer, Sharee Shock and her husband, Ben made viral headlines when they took some truly unconventional pictures for their daughter’s Homecoming Dance.

While the photos were being taken, Ben joked with his daughter’s boyfriend in a mock-warning tone, ” Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you.” The surrounding friends and family thought the joke was a great one.

According to NBC Chicago, after Sharee Schock captured a pose of her daughter and her boyfriend, she says, “My husband walked right over and put his arms around the boyfriend’s waist and looked right at me. Her boyfriend thought it was hilarious and he smiled and I just quickly captured it.”

Sharee Schock, a professional photographer wasn’t aware that the photo would be a hit. But after the dance at West Salem High School, her daughter Ricarra, a sophomore, asked about it. Sharee Schock edited the images together and added her husband’s warning to the top.

Ricarra’s boyfriend posted the photo on Instagram and Sharee Schock shared it on her Facebook page where it quickly when viral.


Naturally, to Sharee and Ben’s great surprise, the photo quickly went viral. The image was shared more than 2,000 times from Schock’s personal page and had more than 36,000 likes as of Monday. It was also posted to imgur, where it received more than 3.3 million views.

Sharee Schock  in surprise remarked, “It’s crazy because we’re just this little town,It’s gone crazy over this silly little picture that honestly I didn’t even think we’d ever see again. It wasn’t really an intentional thing.”

The funniest part about the whole thing is that, according to the Schock family, Ben Schock isn’t really an overprotective parent, but “just a big, giant teddy bear.” In fact, Sharee Schock admitted “I’m kind of the one that’s the stern one.”

Either way, the picture is hilarious and the point has been made. Mom and Dad are paying attention!

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