Christina Grimmie’s Last Video on Her YouTube Channel Shows You How Beautiful She Really Was

It was just uploaded today…

It’s only been a few days since Christina Grimmie was taken from this world to be with Jesus, but the sting is definitely still there. Her wrist tattoo pretty much summed up her personality, “All is vanity” from Ecclesiastes. She wanted it there to remind her who she was singing for and who was most important: Jesus.

She was known to have an infectious happiness and a low maintenance love for life. All she ever wanted to do was sing and play Zelda.

Girls like Grimmie need to be remembered. We have so much to learn from the way that she loved life, the way that she pursued music without compromise; she didn’t change who she was to sell albums, she embraced who she was and because of that her impact was deeper than we’ll ever realize.

She was a beautiful girl, an incredible artist and an even better friend.

You will be missed.

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