He Broke 125 Bones, But That Didn’t Stop Him From Making an Eminem Song Sound Like a Gospel Choir

“I don’t see myself as disabled”—when you hear him sing, you’ll understand why.

12-year-old Sparsh Shah has been beating the odds since he was born. Because of an incurable condition known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta, he was born with 40 broken bones in addition to many fractures.

His bones are so fragile that any contact at all puts him in danger. A firm handshake or a simple pat on the back could be enough to crush his skeletal structure. In his lifetime, Shah has suffered 125 fractures and breaks total.

But that hasn’t even come close to breaking this tough guy’s spirit! His passion for music, insane talent, and strong will to overcome have allowed Shah to chase his dreams in spite of his disease—and it is inspiring the SOCKS off everyone he meets.

Aside from music, he also spends his spare time raising awareness for paediatric cancer, and he’s even raised a whopping half million dollars for other philanthropic causes.

Even though he’s got his physical limitations, Shah says he doesn’t see it as a hindrance at all. “I don’t see myself as disabled,” he said. “Most people with disability always keep thinking about their disability and that makes others think about it too. I want to be the courage of such people.”

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Shah spent 7 years training in Hindustani classical music and an additional 3 learning American vocal music. He has done more than 45 performances across the U.S., but it’s his most recent cover that is taking the Internet by storm.
[epiphany] This musical extraordinaire is also Eminem’s BIGGEST fan, and he recently performed a [clean] cover of Eminem’s “Not Afraid” that even had the rapper himself tweeting about it! Shah calls this his “power song.” Ten seconds in and you’ll see why!!

Kelsey Straeter
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