Middle School Basketball Players’ Response After Cheerleader Is Bullied Will Have You Clapping With Praise

She was just cheering on the basketball team when someone started shouting nasty things at her.

Desiree Andrews is a middle school student in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She has Down syndrome and is a member of the school’s cheerleading squad.

Desiree (better known as “D”) was cheering on the basketball team at her school when someone in the crowd started yelling nasty things at the young girl.

As if middle school wasn’t hard enough already.

That’s when Chase Vasquez, Miles Rodriguez and Scooter Terrien did something completely unexpected. The three boys play on the basketball team, and were in the middle of playing a game. When they heard the slander that was being directed at D, they walked off the court and confronted the bully in the stands.

“It’s not fair when others get treated wrong,” Scooter told local news reporters, “because we’re all the same, we’re all created the same, God made us all the same way.”

D and the boys are all eighth graders now. For their final game before high school, students at Lincoln Middle School have affectionately nicknamed the gym “D’s House,” after their friend who has captured the school’s heart.

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The athletic director says the name has stuck. He’s planning to make a banner and officially name the gym “D’s House.”

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