After 2 of the Classmates Committed Suicide 5 Girls Wrote 3,600 Personalized Notes–One For Each Kid in the School

In wake of another student suicide at their high school, these five girls went above and beyond to make their Comet family feel loved.

Following the recent suicide of a Mason High School student in Ohio, five teen girls made it their mission to let everyone know that they are loved. The girls left encouraging post-it notes on thousands of lockers as a way for the student body to start healing. MHS has endured two student suicides in less than a year. 

MHS sophomore Anna Aronson initiated the campaign. She said her and her friends—Michelle Crispin, Jessica Morse, Erica English and Ellie Uematsu—spent nearly eight hours writing messages like “You are unbreakable” and “You are strong” on thousands of sticky notes.


Aronson told ABC News that the girls finished the entire task of placing Post-it notes on Monday night, after tagging over 3,600 lockers as well as teachers’ doors and the desks of administrative staff members with the empowering notes.

The messages were a surprise to everyone, and Tuesday morning was filled with smiles and tears according to MHS principal, Dave Hyatt. “It literally lightened the entire building’s heart,” Hyatt said. “It felt like this huge weight had just been lifted on Tuesday morning.”

Students began sharing the special gesture with the hashtag #CometStrong, referring to the school’s mascott. “We say things like ‘CometStrong’ and ‘CometCountry’ to refer to our family,” said Erica English, one of the girls who helped with the Post-its campaign.


“Even though we’re a big school, we’re still a tight-knit community,” English continued. “After this tragedy hit, everyone was hit pretty hard. We just want everyone to know that you’re not alone and you’re loved.”

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