A Love Letter to Myself

I have left you alone, and on your own to find comfort and love from strangers. But We are a team, and there are some things you need to know, you beautiful and precious girl.

Dear Self,

I love you.

Like, I really love you.

Don’t roll your eyes.

I need to tell you this, because lately I’ve abandoned you,

and you’ve been believing lies.

Lies about your worth and your beauty, and your strength.



I can’t stand that you believe those lies, because You are perfect.

You were made perfect, in the image of your father.

Fearfully and wonderfully, your life was given purpose before you took your first breath.

Your beauty shines bright and spreads wider than wildfires,

And your joy is so infectious, even the walls are left smiling.


Now I know you’re blushing.


I know you better than anyone.

I know about that scar on your left hand from when you were four.

I’ve felt your heart break from the inside.

I know the hopes and desires you dream of, and I know the prayers that you pray from deep in your soul.

And I know that I left you.


I left you feeling lost, believing lies, and looking for love and encouragement from strangers.


I should have reassured you.

Hugged you and praised you for the incredible human being that God made you to be.

I should have reminded you of the beauty and life you bring to this world.

You never should have had to rely on strangers, I should have been the one lifting you up.


I should have been there for you.

I should have taken care of you.

I should have cherished you.

I should have reminded you.


I’ve failed to tell you how much I love you.

How much I admire you.

How lovely, and gentle, and astonishing you are.

I’ve failed to encourage you,

And I let Satan tell you things that you should never have to hear.


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He’s a convincing little devil, that Satan.

But that’s the point, he’s little.


And darling, our God is very, very BIG.

He made you with that nose that you hate so much, and that beautiful brown hair that you cover with bleach.

He doesn’t see the things that you “hate.” He only sees you. The way He made you.


He made you with a heart like His, with the soul of an angel and the mind of a Godly woman.

He made you His daughter, to love and glorify Him.


And it starts with loving yourself.


So today, I’m committing to you that I will never leave you searching for love, affirmation or acceptance.


I’m committing to fighting the lies of stupid ole Satan.

I’m committing to reminding you to seek Jesus, and not the approval of anyone else.

And I’m committing to reminding you words of truth, love and admiration.


Because today, and everyday,

You are significant.

You are worthy.

You are strong.

You are kind.

You are a light.

You are bright.

And you are the daughter of the most incredible King.


You are enough. And Together WE are enough.

I will honor you  and cherish you the way my Father does.

I’ve got you. Forever.




Bri Lamm
Bri is an outgoing introvert with a heart that beats for adventure. She lives to serve the Lord, experience the world, and eat macaroni and cheese in between capturing life’s greatest moments on one of her favorite cameras.

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