There’s One Decision You Make Every Day that Can Change Your Life

“Set your mind rather than adopting a mind-set that stems from causes you don’t have the power to change.”

Do you program your mind for the day? Unless you already understand the value of doing so, the answer’s probably no. You may know what you are going to do, but not how you are going to feel. While you cannot ensure you experience specific emotions, you can put yourself on the right track.

Commanding your day, or planning, makes you productive and aids clarity. More importantly, it gives you control over brain waves that influence you. Have you heard people talk about getting out of bed on the wrong side? If so, you know that when the day starts to go wrong it often continues the same way. This is partially because you expect it to, but mostly because you unintentionally allow experiences to take charge of your feelings. You hand your personal power over to circumstances or others, and when they don’t behave as you hoped, your mind sets to experience negativity. You can stop this happening in several ways:

Brain waves

Your brain performs using different frequencies that dramatically influence your mood. Most of the time, people allow bad moods to fester, since they accidentally focus on deepening them. They think about what they don’t like so much that their mind clicks onto a negative setting. However, you can remind yourself to concentrate on what you want instead of what you don’t. The result will be happier brain waves.

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Decide what you intend to happen and what experiences will, ideally, be like. For instance, you might intend to be creative at work and have plenty of aha moments. When you choose to set your mind in a certain direction, it usually follows suit. Whether you want to notice the natural beauty around you when you walk in the countryside, or recognize specific kinds of opportunities, setting your mind to do so will expand your awareness.


Do you command your happiness? Or, does your joy depend on having a certain experience, or the actions of others? If so, you have set your mind for potential dissatisfaction. Create your own happiness instead of being the puppet of chance. You cannot control outside events, but you have the key to what goes on inside.

Set your mind rather than adopting a mind-set that stems from causes you don’t have the power to change. Do so in the morning and you will climb out of bed on the right side.

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