This Heroin Overdose #MannequinChallenge Is Sending a Powerful Message We Can’t Ignore

A viral Internet video trend—The Mannequin Challenge—was a big hit over Thanksgiving dinners and holiday gatherings. But this powerful video is unlike any that you’ve ever seen.

The mannequin challenge is sweeping the Internet. Everyone from high profile actors to your kids next door are setting up a scene where everyone remains frozen in action like mannequins, while a video records them.

This isn’t like the ice bucket challenge for ALS, where it prompts others to join in and raise money for a good cause. The viral trend is just for fun.

But this new mannequin challenge video released just before Thanksgiving is turning heads and raising awareness about a rapidly growing epidemic in the U.S., and in just under a week, it’s been viewed more than 7 million times.

You’ve never seen a mannequin challenge like this before.

This “heroin overdose” #MannequinChallenge is meant to send a powerful message about the heroin epidemic.

Posted by Circa on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The creators of this video want it to remind everyone of the havoc that heroin has on communities and families.

They were also inspired to create it for those who were lost, including their friend, Jerry Davis.

You might remember the horrifying images released a few months back of the Ohio adults who overdosed on heroin with a 7-year-old in the back seat. Or the viral video of a toddler, screaming over her mother who passed out from a heroin overdose in the grocery store.


The conversation is growing, as heroin is responsible for more than 78 American deaths EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In this mannequin challenge video, published by Circa, viewers experience a “paused scene” from a toxic household. First responders darting in, a police man consulting a small child, five adults passed out in recliners or on couches, and another child begging for her mother’s attention. At the end, there’s one more child—a teenage boy who appears to understand the reality of what’s actually going on, as it shows him kneeled next to his dad, crying.

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Of course there’s also half-eaten bowls of food, dozens of soda cans and plates full of tiny little needles scattered throughout the main room.

The powerful video captures the fun memories—how someone might remember each of these people, through the photos placed throughout the house. Then it brings viewers back to the harsh reality of what these adults actually do for “fun.”

Like the photos and viral news stories above, the most powerful piece of this video is the children.

The heroin epidemic is growing, and nearly 28,000 people died in 2014 by heroin overdose. The next generation is watching, and it’s heartbreaking. I can’t even imagine what these kids experience every day. It’s impossible to wrap my head around what they think is “normal,” and what they might try themselves, because of what they’re used to.

We need to be talking, sharing and stopping this increasingly fatal substance abuse.

It’s happening right in our own backyards, and there are lives at stake.


Bri Lamm
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