Patrick Kennedy Talks About How He Got Sober & Why He Quit Congress To Fight For the Mentally Ill

Patrick Kennedy reveals the family history with addiction and mental illness, and how he has overcome them to celebrate almost 5 years of sobriety.

When you think of the Kennedy family, you probably think of wealth, politics, power and prestige. You likely know about the assassinations of Senator Robert Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy.   But there’s a lot more that hasn’t been talked about until now.

In a recent 60 Minutes interview, Patrick Kennedy shared the truth from his own experience, and in this video below he shares with CBS This Morning.  The Kennedys have been privately fighting addiction, PTSD, and mental health issues, fearing the stigma that goes with it for years. Now, Ted Kennedy’s son talks about how his addiction and struggle with Bipolar disorder ended his political career, but motivated his new passion, fighting to break through the silence and secrets that have kept his family quiet for years.

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