Woman Uses 365 Simple Pictures to Show the Hidden World of Domestic Abuse

Trigger warning: You’ll see images depicting injuries caused by physical assault.

A few years ago, a young woman snapped a photo of herself every day for one year. In the video, One Photo a Day in The Worst Year of My Life, you’ll see a beautiful and confident woman—not one experiencing the worst year of her life. But slowly as the music plays and the images continue, she withers away to someone who appears to be terrified and broken.

The time-lapse video has sparked widespread conversation about domestic violence and abuse. By the end of the clip, the once beautiful and confident woman is now battered and beaten. Smaller bruises eventually turn into larger ones, appearing more and more painful. The final image shows the young woman with gashes stretching almost across her entire face, and her left eye is so damaged that she’s struggling to keep it open.

The haunting final photo includes her holding a sign that reads, “Help me, I don’t know if I will survive until tomorrow,” in Serbian.

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This is a PSA about domestic violence, featuring an actress who’s playing a part. However, the woman could be any one of the many people who are really abused by their partners. Photography website PetaPixel says that all of the injuries in the video were created with film makeup.

Although the appearance of battery was simply used as an emotional gut-punch for a PSA, many viewers agree that the video still delivers a vital message about victims of domestic abuse.

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